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The team

General management

Sylvie Ponchaut - Managing Director

Sylvie Ponchaut is the founder and manager of IPinnova sprl. Sylvie qualified as a pharmacist and obtained a degree in Biomedical Sciences at the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL). She also completed a doctoral thesis in Pharmacy in the Physiological Chemistry Unit of the Institut de Pathologie cellulaire Christian de Duve. She spent eight years gaining solid experience at Sopartec SA, the technology transfer company of the Université catholique de Louvain, where she was responsible for managing and exploiting the patent portfolio in the field of Life Sciences. During this time, Sylvie was also responsible for analysing investment proposals in the Biotechnology sector through Vives SA, a private venture capital fund that invests in high-tech start-ups. Sylvie was a director at various start-ups.

Research & Development

Sylvie Ponchaut - Managing Director and Scientific Director of the R&D Department

Marianne Ghyoot - Collaborative Research and Innovation

Marianne Ghyoot has a PhD in Sciences (Zoology) from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. She devoted the first years of her career to scientific research in academic laboratories in Belgium and abroad. She then joined the Belgian pharmaceutical group UCB where she set up a centralised services unit in her role as “Senior Group Leader” in non-clinical operations. For the last eleven years, she has gained solid experience in project management, managing teams, regulatory affairs, the BPL quality system and implementing processes and IT tools. Marianne is now the associate director at BioWin, and will manage R&D projects under the responsibility of Sylvie Ponchaut. Her role also includes implementing effective processes within the R&D department in conjunction with other clusters and with the DG06.

Thierry Ferain - Collaborative Research and Innovation

Thierry Ferain holds a PhD in Biological Sciences, Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL). He started his professional activities in the academic environment where he was involved in fundamental research activities in Molecular Biology  as well as students follow-up. After a first experience at Eurogentec for the development of DNA microarrays,  he joined the R&D department of Euroscreen, a Biotech active in the Drug Discovery and Development area. In this company, he managed a team responsible for Molecular Biology and Assay Developments tasks. At the same time, he was project manager for several internal research programs as well as collaborative projects involving national and international partners. His strong profile was built on these various opportunities, developing skills in intra- and inter-team  management, scientific communication, construction and coordination of collaborative research projects. At BioWin, Thierry holds the R&D Portfolio Manager position.



Monique Marrec-Fairley – Head of European Project

Monique joined us on 01 February 2017 from Interface Europe, where she provided solutions to clients seeking better ways to access the European research and innovation market place and policy world (H2020) in the life science area as Senior Scientific Advisor.
Prior to joining Interface Europe, she has managed the Alternatives to Animal Testing (AAT) research programme for the European Cosmetic Industry and the Long Range Initiative (LRI) research programme for the European chemical industry (CEFIC).
In addition, until 2004 she was a research leader with Aventis-Pharma in Paris, working in the field of immunology and infectious diseases. She specialized in the antibiotic resistance of bacteria.

Within BioWin Monique will be responsible for assisting members in setting up European projects and giving the cluster greater European visibility.

Laurence Timmermans – Head of International Relations

Laurence Timmermans is a graduate from l'Université Catholique de Louvain where she gained a Masters in Biomedical Sciences (with a specialty in Cellular and Molecular Biology). In order to have an international work experience, Laurence has completed an internship in Montreal. Then, she continued her studies to get a complementary Masters in Management at the ICHECH. Laurence joined the BioWin team in November 2012 where she is in charge of European Innovation and Technological partnerships development.


Amélie Moyaerts - Communication Officer

Amélie Moyaerts joined BioWin in January 2016. After a degree in Germanic languages, she graduates in Communication & Public Relations before taking Marketing classes. As Communication Officer, her mission is to keep all BioWin members in touch with BioWin activities and services, the biopharma event calendar, in Belgium and abroad, and pass on all the opportunities profitable to the members. "Communication is the basis of all enrichment."

Marine Di Vincenzo - Digital communication Officer

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in communications, Marine took her Master’s in Public Relations, specializing in corporate and crisis communications. She graduated in June 2016 and joined BioWin in October. At the cluster, Marine’s responsibilities include customer relations and associated data (CRM) and digital communication.


Training and Skills Development

Rose-May Delrue - Programme Director

Rose-May Delrue has a PhD in Sciences (Zoology). She devoted the first years of her career to scientific research and to teaching in higher education. In 2006, she joined the Cefochim training centre to manage the development of two projects selected by the cluster:  “Sandwich courses in higher education” and “Dissertations in industry”. She then coordinated the “Cluster Placements” project in collaboration with the five Walloon competitiveness clusters. She joined BioWin's operational unit in March 2011 as a Project Director, and since 2014 has been in charge of training and change management and responsible for structuring and developing the department and its services in accordance with the cluster's strategy and mission. 

Damien Diop - Training Coordinator
Damian joined our team after being attracted by our cluster's HR approach. After completing his Social Sciences studies at the ULB alongside a complementary Masters degree in Public Health Methodology, he began his career working with recruiting firms focussed on the health and life sciences sector, before spending 3 years working for the Belgian Red Cross as a recruiter.
Fascinated by biotechnological innovations and with a good interpersonal approach and sense of client orientation, he will be your primary contact person for the development of training services; he will put all of his analytical and recruitment abilities at the team's service.
As Training Coordinator, he will contribute to our mission and will support you in developing your skills to benefit your growth and competitiveness.

Contact -  +32 (0)71/91.92.85

Katia Detant - Management Assistant - +32 (0) 470 204 636

Sylvie Ponchaut - Managing Director and Scientific Director of the R&D Department - +32 (0)474/83.47.58

Marianne Ghyoot - Support in R&D collaborative projects - +32 (0)484/90.47.12

Thierry Ferain - Support in R&D collaborative projects - +32 (0)486/49.91.92

Monique Marrec-Fairley - Head of European Projects - +32 (0) 485/46.46.27

Laurence Timmermans – Head of International Affairs - +32 (0)493/70.16.91

Amélie Moyaerts – Communication officer - +32 (0)472/19.80.83

Marine Di Vincenzo - Digital communciation officer - +32 (0)472/05.25.25

Rose-May Delrue - Programme Director - +32 (0)489/49.63.85

Damien Diop - Training Coordinator - +32 (0)472/19.80.91