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Nouvelle opportunité : Appel régional "pôle de compétitivité" (appel 19) : soumission de la lettre d'intention à BioWin le 18 juillet 2016. Plus d'infos

Support in the realization of your R&D projects

You have an idea of innovative project and want to learn more about the steps to follow?

Whatever your project idea and its state of maturation, we can, through our network of actors and our knowledge of the terrain, help you: take stock of your project.
  • Meet other players via thematic round tables.
  • Identify the sources of funding that are best for your project and you put in relationship with the organizations concerned.
Your ambition is to respond to calls for R&D projects launched by BioWin

BioWin launches regional collaborative calls (also called 'appels pôles de compétitivité') as well as international collaborative calls with other regions of worlds (also called 'bilateral calls'). According to its specificity, each call can meet your development needs.

In the frame of these calls we:
  • Guide you in your application to maximize your chances of being selected by the jury of experts.
  • Make you benefit from advice on intellectual property management, regulatory affairs, market research and the valorisation of deliverables.
  • Offer you the opportunity to train yourself to present your project for the oral assessment before the BioWin jury.
  • If successful (obtaining funding), a 'success fee' will be applied and due to BioWin by industrial partners.
Looking for advice and help getting started and the follow-up of your project

We can:
  • Assist you in the process of negotiation and drafting of the consortium agreement with all partners. This will earn you a lot of time.
  • Help you implement best practices of collaborative project management, from the launch meeting.
  • Make you benefit from scientific and strategic advice from external experts selected by BioWin on the occasion of the mid-term evaluation.
Looking for advice and additional aid at the end of the project?

We can help you:
  • Identify new financial sources (public and/or private)
  • Access to our network of experts (Regulatory Affairs, intellectual property, investment, etc.) to make the most of your results.
  • Increase your visibility by distributing your 'success stories' via our various networks and communication channels.