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Call for training projects

In the context of implementing its training strategy, the cluster encourages the emergence of new training pathways through its BioPharE project.

A complete presentation, which can be downloaded here, covers the following points in detail:

  • The categories of the BiopharE programme’s training pathways.

  • The process that will be used for the development of new training pathways.

  • The calendar.

1. Categories

BioPharE assists the development of strategic, scientific and operational skills, right along the value chain of biotechnology and medical technology companies, from the initial idea to bringing it to market.

The aim is to promote a lateral approach to the process as well as to communicate the strategic, scientific and operational expertise, based on the needs of our members, along this value chain.

BioWin invites proposals for training activities in the fields or professions relating to the value chain within one of the following six programmes:

Strategio regroups training activities relating to strategic aspects of commercial development (business development, business planning etc.).

Transverse regroups training activities that encourage a better cross-sectional view of the different stages of development of new products/services in BioTech Healthcare and improved communication between the various stakeholders involved in the development of new products/services (researchers, engineers, lawyers, sales people etc.).

Focus regroups training activities for the development of the technical professional skills of the various stakeholders (research techniques, clinical trials, production, quality control, finance, sales and marketing etc.).

BioBizz regroups training activities for the development of Entrepreneurship and “Intrapreneurship”.

Genesis regroups training activities for the rapid integration of young graduates into the world of work.

Cap Bio regroups training activities for recruitment and improving the suitability of jobseekers for the jobs that are on offer.

The training pathways will be of benefit to all those involved, directly or indirectly, in the development of the value chain of products/services of companies in the Biotechnology and Medical Technology sectors:

  • Employees of companies, research centres and universities (both managers and operational staff), who are involved in creating value.

  • Jobseekers and students: future contributors.

  • Teachers: they have an indispensable role in initial training.

2. First step in the process: meeting with a member of the BioPharE team

The training pathways may consist of a variety of training activities: classroom teaching, inter-company coaching, e-learning, workshops, etc.

The meeting will be the first obligatory step in the process of establishing the training pathway.

Contacts BioPharE :

Rose-May Delrue, BioPharE Training Program Director

Tel: +32 71 376 386