At the initiative of FlandersBio (BE), the Flemish association of biotechnologies, BIOExTRAKT aims:
  • To support the growth of biotechnologies in the participating regions
  • To enlarge the critical mass of scientific and industrial stakeholders capable of interacting within the scope of action of BIOExTRAKT
  • To increase transnational collaborations and business opportunities for the regions concerned.
“Biotechnology Expansion Through Regional Awareness and Knowledge Transfer” (BIOExTRAKT) is a programme set up to develop the exchange network of biotechnology innovators in Flanders and neighbouring regions.

Partners: BioWin (BE) - Eurasanté (FR) - FlandersBio (BE) - TIPharma (NL) - BMM (NL) - CTMM (NL) - CLIB2021 (DE)