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 The international “ambassadors” of BioWin

Thanks to the support of AWEX, BioWin benefits from international representation. These “ambassadors” develop knowledge and relationship networks to facilitate access of the cluster’s SMEs to specific markets.

These representatives of the cluster are also responsible for implementing partnership agreements signed with other Health clusters in Europe and further afield.

AWEX-BioWin collaboration

BioWin uses the structures and means of AWEX, the regional Walloon agency for export and investment, to develop its international activities.

The cluster works closely with the agency’s various services, both at a local level and with the international network of economic representatives. This collaboration is closely followed by AWEX through an AWEX Liaison Officer attached to the cluster.

For BioWin, this is Mr Francis Kania, AWEX Director for the Americas.

Each cluster also works closely with an expert from AWEX dedicated to attracting investments in the relevant sector. BioWin thus works with the support of the Life Sciences Expert, Dr Philippe Janssens de Varebeke, in promoting Wallonia’s assets to industrial and financial investors in the Healthcare field.