BioCell project:

Companies using cell culture techniques to sell their products and services are having great difficulty in recruiting suitably qualified staff. SMEs and large companies in the sector have underlined the necessity of developing complete training pathways in the field of cell culture in order to support their growth and competitiveness. This sector is a provider of skilled jobs in the short-term and will require, at least for the next three years (2011-2014), a recruitment pool of more than 80 new employees/year.

The BIOCELL project aims to translate the qualitative and quantitative needs of the sector into training pathways to meet the observed skills shortages that will become a self-sustainable loop linking back into initial education. Four interconnected programmes will be carried out:

  • Specific training pathways for production activities
  • Specific training pathways for R&D and QC laboratory activities.
  • Intensive training especially for managers.
  • A programme aimed specifically at lecturers (in universities and higher education establishments) to address the suitability gap between students’ studies and the needs of the sector and which will coordinate the transfer of some Continuing Professional Development modules into the Initial Education syllabus.

Contact :

Béatrice GOXE, Ph.D
Biotech trainer
Tél. +32(0)71/37.86.95