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Strategy of the BioWin cluster

BioWin has defined four strategic areas of development that are key to achieving its aims.

Foster the emergence of innovative R&D projects in human and animal health

By encouraging a collaborative dynamic between universities, companies and research centres so that together, they develop innovative products and services with high added-value and potential for commercialization at the national and international level.

Globally promote and position Walloon expertise

Develop communication tools aimed to promote scientific and industrial excellence from Wallonia on the world stage by participating in the main Healthcare biotechnology trade fairs, by creating and consolidating partnerships and/or relationships with foreign competitiveness clusters and Healthcare clusters, and by participating in European networks and projects.

Develop skills, attract and retain a highly qualified human capital

Implement training programmes to ensure the availability of a qualified and skilled workforce to support the development of the healthcare and biotechnology sectors, both in the short term and in years to come.

Support the creation of collective technological infrastructures

Support the emergence of innovation platforms capable of meeting the collective technological needs of the members.