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Support in the realization of your projects 'Skills Development'

You have an idea of ​​innovative project and want to know more about what to do?

Whatever your project idea and its state of maturation, we can, through our network of players and our local knowledge, help you:

  • Make an assessment of your project.
  • Meet other players via round tables.
  • Find partners/providers relevant in relation to your needs
Your ambition is to respond to calls for training projects launched by BioWin?

BioWin has expertise in the project development and building process part of regional collaborative calls, also called "calls Competitiveness Clusters"
Looking for advice and further assistance at project?

We can help you:
  • Identify new sources of public and/or private funding
  • Access our network to develop and sustain your development at best.
  • Increase your visibility by spreading your "success stories" through our different networks and communication channels.
  • Perform impact assessments

Calls for project

Thanks to the cooperative dynamic resulting from calls for projects, the TRAINING department supports its members in organising and carrying out TRAINING projects as well as ensuring the longevity of the services/programmes thus established.

One-stop platform for training in the health sector

Thanks to the BioPharE project, a catalogue bringing together training offers from various Walloon providers (BioPark Formation, Cefochim, Centre de formation en Biotechnologie, Centre Hainaut-Namur pour la Gestion de la Qualité-CQHN, Culture in vivo) is available at www.biophare.eu
Please contact us for advice relating to your needs and issues regarding the organisation of intra-company training!

Rose-May DELRUE, PhD - Training Programme Director
rosemay.delrue@biowin.org   +32 (0) 489 496 385
Damien DIOP, Training Coordinator
damien.diop@biowin.org   +32 (0) 472 198 091
Do you have a question about your registration or about administration?

Send us a mail to formations@biowin.org or call +32 (0) 472 198 104