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BioWin and its members' success stories

BioWin Success Stories Impacts and Prospects
Over the past 6 years, BioWin recorded many successes, establising Wallonia as a world leader in the Health sector.

BioWin confirms its strategic role in the development of the “Health” sector in Wallonia, and asserts its regional and international ambitions.

After 6 years, BioWin has seen some really positive results. The activities led by the cluster have a tangible impact on companies working in biotechnologies relating to Health and medical technologies in Wallonia (especially SMEs).

The cluster is now keen to continue with its efforts to develop the initiatives embarked upon in its 4 strategic core activities:

> Research & Development
> Skills development.
> Internationalization.
> Creation of Technological Platforms.

With around twenty Success Stories, BioWin, together with its members, is establishing Wallonia as a world leader in various areas of cutting-edge technology, such as biopharmacy, cell therapy, radiopharmacy, diagnostics, biotechnological products for research and industry, bioinformatics and the processing of complex data.

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