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BioWin, 9 years of innovation in the health sector of Wallonia

Created in 2006 as part of the first Marshall Plan to contribute to the consolidation of the health biotechnology and medical technology sectors in Wallonia (Belgium), BioWin, the regional competitiveness Health Cluster has built a four pillar strategy with:
  1. the development of collaborative R&D projects,
  2. he development of collaborative skills development programs,
  3. internationalization,
  4. and support for the creation of technology platforms.
Our first success stories brochure highlighted our achievements 2006-2012 during the first Marshall Plan and part of Marshall Plan 2.Vert. During this phase, BioWin did emphasize the development of sector SMEs.

In this edition Strategy, Outreach, Leadership 2015-2020, we go one step further with an overview of Plan Marshall 2.Vert and the launch of the 3rd phase: the PM 4.0. Now it has reached maturity. The Cluster still has challenges: find out about our ambition by 2020.

Discover BioWin achivements in recent years and how Wallonia is definitely positioned as a leading region in Europe in biopharmacy, Cell Therapy and Radiations applied to health.