BioLine Holographic Analyses Devices 

Key words
: Bioreactors, On-line, Real-time, Cell culture


  • Companies : WOW Technology (coordinator), Ovizio Imaging Systems, GSKbio
  • Research centers : ULB (Microgravity Research Centre), ULB (Center for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging), FUNDP (Biochemistry and Cellular Biology)

Topic of the project 

The objective of the BioLine project is to further validate and optimize Ovizio’s technology for cell culture monitoring allowing it to analyze in a non invasive and reliable way, key cell culture parameters like cell numbers, cell morphology, viability, distribution of cell sizes and the presence of cell clusters and their sizes. 

In a second phase the technology will be adapted to allow for real time monitoring of cell cultures in industrial applications.

The project will develop two instrumentations based on Ovizio’s existing technology:

  • An “off-line” desktop version (oLine), adapted to the analysis of cell cultures in culture dishes.
  • An “in-line” version (iLine), adapted to real-time monitoring of cell cultures in bioreactors.
  • The project will benchmark and validate the technology in comparison with other classical methods and processes.


This is a 3 years project with a total budget of 2,2 M€


Pascal Debrue (coordinator of the project)
Email :
WOW Technology SA
Web site :