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Growth boost for KitoZyme: world-leader in vegetal chitosan production
10 July 2015
KitoZyme, a SME located in Herstal (Belgium), is the only company in the world to provide chitosan and chitin-glucan manufactured from non-animal and non-GMO sources. Lately, KitoZyme has a strong record of technological and commercial successes. Read more.

Merodis and BryanGarnier&Co on the Health Blog of WalloniaWalloon Biotech and Medtech companies: should you go for an IPO?
05 June 2015
Initial Public Offerings tend to become a real alternative for more and more European biotech companies. In Wallonia (Belgium), several SMEs (such as Mithra Pharmaceuticals) are seriously considering this option while companies such as Celyad, Bone Therapeutics or VolitionRx have been successfully listed on Brussels, Paris and New York stock exchanges (raising around EUR 67 million in total between 2013 and 2015).
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Hugues Bultot Masthercell on the health Blog of Wallonia
MaSTherCell or the future of CMOs
22 May 2015
In an exclusive interview, Hugues Bultot, Chief Executive Officer of MaSTherCell, an emerging pioneer in the industrialization of cell-based therapeutics, based in Gosselies (Belgium) shares with us his vision for the future of the CMO.
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VolitionRx on the Health Blog of wallonia (Belgium)VolitionRx a drop of blood to detect colorectal cancer
19 May 2015
Belgian Volition – a subsidiary of Volition Rx – is a life sciences company located in Namur (Belgium) focused on developing blood-based diagnostic tests for a broad range of cancer types and other conditions. By bringing together the ELISA diagnostic technology with cutting-edge nucleosome detection and analysis techniques, the start-up aims to revolutionize cancer detection. Read more.

Tools4Patient on the Health Blog of Wallonia BelgiumTools4Patient: design and delivery of personalized pain treatments
08 May 2015
Tools4Patient, a company founded in 2013 and located in Gosselies (Belgium) is specialized in the development of multimodal companion diagnostics. This creative company recently met its first challenging milestone and thus delivered as planned its first proof of concept in neuropathic pain. Dominique Demolle, CEO, tells us more about this ambitious young company. Read more.