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KitoZyme - Last update : 8/3/2015
Contact details
  • Name of company/organization : KitoZyme
  • Address : Parc industriel des Hauts-Sarts Zone 2 Rue Haute Claire, 4 - 4040 HERSTAL BELGIQUE
  • Phone : +32 4 259 85 00
  • VAT number : BE-473676932
  • Website
Company/Organization activities
  • Looking for investments : No
Core business : KitoZyme is an expert and manufacturer of specialty ingredients for high added-value markets, in particular dedicated to well-being, nutrition and therapeutic solutions. Keen to get away from traditional chitosan production using crustacean shells, KitoZyme’s patented technology enables, for the first time, the production of high-purity chitin-glucan and chitosan exclusively from renewable, safe, non-GMO and traceable fungal sources. For the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device markets, KitoZyme is manufacturing and supplying non-animal, cGMP ultra-pure chitosan, KiOmedine®, at large-scale. This ultra-pure chitosan features remarkable characteristics: 100% animal-free, outstanding traceability, high control on molecular characteristics, high purity and safety profile, strong documentation, high safety and consistent performances, thus overcoming some of the drawbacks of shellfish-derived ultra-pure chitosan. KiOmedine® sets a new benchmark and triggers new developments in therapeutic areas, including wound & haemostasis, biosurgery, scaffold & cell therapy, drug delivery & vaccines. KitoZyme also offers pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies long-term supply agreements and R&D partnership opportunities; founded on and profiting from the company’s team of scientific, process and business development experts in biopolymer chemistry, formulation, processing, process scale-up and analytics.