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D-tek has developed and produced diagnostic kits for auto-immune diseases since 1995.
Delphi Genetics
Delphi Genetics is providing technology and flexibility in bioproduction of plasmid DNA and recombinant proteins including antibodies.
Devos Risk & Benefits
Devos Risk & Benefits SRL is committed to providing outstanding specialty insurance solutions and quality services to protect and partner with Life Science industry companies as they research, innovate, and develop products, treatments, and cures to improve the human condition.
Membre premium DiAgam
DiAgam manufactures reagents for immunoturbidi¬metry. Our company specializes in high technology R&D, based on immunology technologies.
Diagenode Sa
Diagenode is your dedicated supplier for sample preparation products for next generation sequencing, proteomics, and epigenetics research.
DIAsource ImmunoAssays
DIAsource ImmunoAssays is an international diagnostics company situated in Belgium. We develop, manufacture and market clinical diagnostic products in the field of endocrinology and infectious diseases.
Digital Image Analysis in Pathology (DIAPATH)
DIAPATH développe une approche intégrée pour l'identification, la caractérisation et la validation de biomarqueurs protéiques au sein de tissus animaux et humains (en collaboration étroite avec le laboratoire d'Anatomie pathologique de l'hôpital Erasme).
Digital Orthopaedics
Digital Orthopaedics’s goal is to develop a comprehensive Clinical Decision Support System that will transform the planning and execution of foot orthopedic surgeries and treatment with the ultimate goal of Personalizing Orthopedic Treatment.
Data-driven personalized medicine solutions from R&D to market access.
DNAVision provides genetic analysis services geared towards customised treatments.