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Membre premium Kaneka Eurogentec Sa
Eurogentec is a leading supplier of trusted and innovative products and custom services for the Life Science research, biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical markets.
Karott is a communication agency specialized in #Health and #Nutrition. Our mission is to inspire the world by helping compagnies to develop and deliver accurate and refreshing informations to encourage professionals, consumers and patients to make informed, healthy and enjoyable choices.
KiOmed Pharma
KiOmed Pharma offers animal-free, ultrapure chitosan-based breakthrough biomaterials for the development of safer and highly efficient therapeutic medical devices and implants for joint health, ophthalmology, tissue engineering and biosurgery.
The company is the global leader in non-animal chitosan production and designs, manufactures and markets medical devices, food supplements and oenological ingredients.

Société de conception et développement de solution logicielles, spécialisée dans la gestion des traitements oncologiques et autres traitements complexes en milieu hospitalier.

Korvis Europe

Korvis designs and manufactures, in volume, complex machinery and instruments. We provide our customers with tested product, ready to ship to the end user. Our manufacturing services include value engineering and cost cutting manufacturing techniques. Korvis' unique blend of product design and contract manufacturing lowers the overall product cost to its customers.