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Oncomfort is the inventor and leader in Digital Sedation™, a completely new method for relieving patients’ pain and anxiety before, during and after medical procedures. This revolutionising digital therapy combines clinical hypnotherapy and integrative therapeutic techniques through Virtual Reality. Oncomfort was born from the personal experience of Diane Jooris, one of the company’s co-founders. As a carer for her sister who was battling breast cancer, she saw the impact of pain and anxiety on her sister’s quality of life. Diane felt that her hypnotherapy expertise at MD Anderson Cancer Center combined with new technology, Virtual Reality, could provide a solution. Digital Sedation was born.

We are a strong, dynamic and patient-focused team with a wide variety of backgrounds, sharing a common passion for innovation and co-creation as a driver for better patient care. Together with our partners, we want to make Digital Sedation a standard of care for the largest possible number of patients around the globe, relieving their pain and anxiety by using efficient and evidence-based non-pharmacological solutions.

We are located in Wavre and are actively conducting research and development in numerous countries.



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1300 Wavre

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