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Wallonia, the heart of the biopharmaceutical sector

The pharmaceutical industry is

  • the main industrial activity in Wallonia in terms of added value
  • the main driver for economic growth in the region
  • it provides 54% of jobs in Wallonia
  • it represents 25% of total Wallonia export

The members


The principles of Smart Specialization

The team of the cluster focuses on 6 technological themes where the Region has a critical mass of global players (large companies, SME's, start-ups, academia, hospitals).

  • Biopharma

    Development of therapeutic or prophylactic agents for the treatment or prevention of various diseases (oncology, neurology, infection, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, etc.). This strategic activity also aims to develop activities related to the research and development of molecules (drug discovery, preclinical activities, clinical trials)

  • Cell Therapy

    Development of innovative therapies to regenerate, repair or replace a human organ or tissue. The focus relies on cell therapy and tissue engineering applied to osteoarticular, cardiac, neurodegenerative, oncology, and autoimmune diseases.

  • Radiation applied to health

    Use of ionizing radiation (external sources or isotopes) for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers. This strategic axe includes the development of imaging-based devices, biomarkers and decision support tools.

  • Medical devices and in vitro diagnostics

    Devices, equipment, apparatus and reagents intended for (1) providing, by means of an in vitro test, information relating to the physiological or pathological condition of a patient (in vitro diagnosis) or (2) enabling monitoring, relief, treatment of a pathology, injury or handicap by means other than pharmacological (medical device). This strategic business area also includes the development of their digital components.

  • Biomanufacturing

    Biomanufacturing supports the fields of (Bio)pharmacy and Regenerative Medicine.

    It is related to the production of agents for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes by living organisms (bacteria, yeasts, cells of higher organisms).
    This ​​strategic activity focuses on three pillars: the engineering of organizations, the processes (design and optimization) and the equipment needed to form the production chain.

  • Data-driven Science

    This strategic business area aims to develop a large-scale data exploitation (Big Data) and artificial intelligence to improve health approaches, including personalized medicine.

(Bio)Pharma (Bio)Pharma


Cell Therapy Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy

Radiations appliquées à la santé Radiations appliquées à la santé

Radiation applied to health

Diagnostic in vitro et dispositifs médicaux Diagnostic in vitro et dispositifs médicaux

Medical devices and in vitro diagnostics

(Bio)production (Bio)production


Data-driven Science Data-driven Science

Data-driven Science