BioWin is partnering with the University of Mons, Liège and the LIEU Network to invite you to the inauguration of the MS-QUANTA platform on February 14th.The MS-QUANTA platform is dedicated to the identification and the absolute quantification of (poly)peptide biomarkers. 
Based on two perfectly complementary facilities, located at the University of Mons (BioProfiling UMONS/ULB) and at the University of Liège (GIGA), 
MS-QUANTA is a collaborative research platform funded by the European Union and Wallonia, under the 2014-2020 framework program of the European Regional Development Fund.
Compliant with the requirements imposed in the context of validation of biomarker candidates, MS-QUANTA is open to all actors in the biotechnology sector.
The inauguration will take place simultaneously at the University of Liège and at the University of Mons.


13.30: Registration

14.00: Welcome


Academic authorities of the University of Liège

General Presentation of GIGA
Prof. Gauthier Eppe,
Director of the Molecular Systems Research Unit,

14.00: Welcome


Academic authorities of the University of Mons

General Presentation of the BioProfiling platform
Prof. Ruddy Wattiez, Vice-Rector for Research,

Video duplex between the two geographical sites

MS-QUANTA platform presentation: Biomarkers, from discovery to validation on a multisite/multitech platform: complementarity and specificity
From ULiège: Dr. Gabriel Mazzucchelli
From UMONS: Dr. Baptiste Leroy

Innovation throughout collaboration
From ULiège: Dr. Jim Janimak, Director, External Funding Partnerships and Scientific Collaborations, External R&D, GSK Vaccines

Development of an integrated platform for biomarker
and drug target discovery using proteomics

From UMONS: Dr. Tony Whetton, Director of the Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre and the Manchester Precision Medicine Institute University of Manchester

Facility guided tour
Closing drink



The attendance to this event is free.
For organization purposes, registration is mandatory.


For more information :

BioProfiling UMONS / ULB - [email protected]
GIGA ULiège [email protected]