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The 2017 BioWin annual report is available

Find out about our services and achievements in 2017

BioWin is proud to present its annual report. As you will read, the balance sheet of the year is really positive.

The cluster is very committed to developing collaborative research projects, by helping the members set up projects with a view to approval by the Walloon government and BioWin
panels and overseeing their launch. Hence, in 2017, 3 new projects, amounting to €12.6 million, were approved, and 4 new projects were launched. The sector has thus been shown to be a driving force in research.

As research is absolutely vital in the field, BioWin created a committee to help its members set up European projects. An initial project was approved in 2017, and another 3 are currently being set up. We are very pleased with these results in our first year of business, as we feel it is paramount to expand the R&D funding base.

The cluster has also been networking at full capacity, including 5 events jointly organised with other clusters, with the aim of promoting meetings between members. We invited our members to speak at several theme-based conferences. We also organised theme-based events on specific subjects, such as “Artificial intelligence in the health sector” and “How to communicate with the press?”. 

As part of the BioPharE project, we organised 160 training modules bringing together several companies, and also developed 6 new training courses in response to our members’ needs, with a view to developing skills and mobilizing talent.

Due to the growing need to source our own funding, we created a financial committee to define a self-funding strategy; this strategy was implemented in 2017. Thanks to the achievements made by this committee in particular, I am delighted to welcome 40 new members who joined our ranks in 2017.

Lastly, this has not been a solitary venture; we have been working with other competitiveness clusters to define a joint strategy and share good practice guidelines, particularly in organising
and monitoring R&D projects. We worked with Wallonia Space Logistics and the Mecatech Cluster to set up MedTech Wallonia, with the aim of accelerating the development of the MedTech sector in the Walloon region.

As you can see, we have had a very productive year. Discover it all in our annual report.

The balance sheet of the year is really positive