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annual report

Take a look at our annual report 2018!

Find out more about our strategic and operational activities in 2018

BioWin presents its 2018 annual report. Find out more about the strategic and operational actions carried out by our team in R&D, international development, training, technology platforms and communication.

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Introduction from Philippe Denoël, Chairman of the Board of BioWin and Head of External R&D at GSK

2018 was an exciting year for the BioWin cluster, as it rolled out the Smart Specialisation Strategy. BioWin concentrated its efforts and resources on the six domains of strategic importance for growth in Wallonia: (bio)pharmacy, cell therapy, radiation applied to health, biomanufacturing, medical devices & in vitro diagnostics, and data science. The aim is to promote scientific excellence and to support high impact research and innovation in the region. Think tanks have been set up in areas such as clinical
innovation and foreign investment strategy for Wallonia, which are designed to feed this strategic approach.

At the European level, thanks to a fresh vision for its portfolio and sustained efforts to strengthen its short and long-term leadership, BioWin has successfully been involved in different projects in the MedTech field. MAGIA brings together Lyonbiopôle, BioPmed, BioWin and Life Science Nord to promote the internationalisation of their PMEs, particularly towards the US and China, which the project has identified as their preferred markets. The S3martMed project provides a strategy to work across top European clusters in the medical technologies field and, in the long-term, will enable PMEs to create strong partnerships. The
project’s 5 partner clusters are Lyonbiopole, BioWin, BioPmed, GAPR-Medsilesia and Bioregion STERN. With SAFE N MEDTECH, a H2020 EU Framework programme on Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Biotechnology and Advanced manufacturing and Processing, BioWin integrates with a group of more than 30 MedTech partners as a third party via the
Council for European BioRegion (CEBR). BioWin is, itself, taking part in the NEMS4Bio (Nano-Enabled Micro Systems for Bio-Analysis) project led by IMEC (Flanders) and including East Netherlands, Emilia Romagna, Navarra, Tampere and Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. As Chair of the Walloon Region Health Working Group, BioWin has been in the forefront of defining a regional approach towards European programmes such as H2020 and Horizon Europe.

BioWin rolled out the Smart Specialisation Strategy

Operationally, BioWin has officially approved five research and development projects, including one collective support project with the MecaTech Cluster. BioWin has also increased support to project leaders by offering a maturity diagnosis to assess the potential of projects for further development and investment.

Internationally, BioWin has ensured a strong Belgian presence at major industry events such as BioEurope Spring and Fall, Bio US, Bio Japan, BioFIT and BioRegate. For some of them, the cluster collaborated closely with

In terms of attracting, keeping and training talented scientists in Wallonia, the BioWin-supported initiative BioPharE has now come to an end. Going forward, BioWin has initiated discussions with Catch and Essenscia to develop new initiatives for addressing the talent shortage that is now prevalent in the health sector.

During 2018, BioWin introduced the concept of BioWinConnect to strengthen networking activities and promote the sharing of information and expertise amongst its members.

The year culminated with BioWin Day on the theme of ”Artificial Intelligence for Health: Between Dream and Reality”. More than 500 people took part and no fewer than 200 B2B meetings took place during this event. 

BioWin has attracted 22% more members each year since 2015 and registered 29 new members in 2018 a growing proportion of which are from Brussels and Flanders. For example, Janssen Pharmaceutica and IMEC are two flagship organisations in the Flemish region that have demonstrated a strong interest in exploring research opportunities with BioWin members.

To cap the year, BioWin set up a co-membership system with the Medicen Paris Region cluster, aimed at consolidating a critical mass of knowledge and talent.

BioWin looks to the future with optimism and enthusiasm. The focus will continue to be on research and innovation, international support to the members and the development of talent.

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