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Bio US

BioUS: an outstanding edition

150 Belgians from 80 companies took part

At the beginning of June, 150 Belgians from 80 companies took part in BIO US. The Belgian stand was manned by members of BioWin, Flandersbio and LifeTech Brussels. The interactions between the different organizations were very constructive. Belgium’s visibility was outstanding and the partnership space was constantly full; the number of visitors was incredible. Belgium and Wallonia are now definitely on the map. 

BioWin took this opportunity to sound out its members and identify possible ways to strengthen our strategy and our actions. The general opinion appears to be that helping growth is now a priority.
This event was also an opportunity to strengthen our Asian contacts.
AWEX and BioWin will undoubtly be present next year in Philadelphie from 3 to 6 June 2019.


Belgium’s visibility was outstanding