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Find out about Epics and Chromacure, 2 ULB spin-offs

Launch of the ULB spin-off EPICS Therapeutics

EPICS Therapeutics is a newly created company dedicated to develop novel therapeutic solutions for cancer, based on the highly innovative field of RNA epigenetics.

The company is built around a very strong and unique management team, as it leverages Prof. François Fuks expertise in epigenetics combined with development expertise and entrepreneurial skills of Jean Combalbert (former CEO of Ogeda) as founders.

EPICS Therapeutics secures an ambitious seed funding of EUR 7.2Million in equity from a syndicate of Belgium investors.

To find out more about that spin-off, please read the press release

Launch of the ULB spin-off ChromaCure

CHROMACURE S.A., a spin-off from the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), is launched with €17m committed equity investment to develop enhanced cancer therapies.

ChromaCure’s mission is to discover and develop first-in-class small molecule therapeutics for unmet needs in oncology. The company will develop inhibitors of a novel target that is a key regulator of tumor initiation and progression, based on research conducted at the Laboratory of Stem Cells and Cancer – the Blanpain Lab, at the Université libre de Bruxelles.

The company, based in Charleroi BioPark, is founded by Professor Cédric Blanpain, a global leader in the field of cancer stem cells.

To find out more about that spin-off, please read the press release

The two companies will be located in Charleroi Biopark