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Latest news related to COVID-19

Find on this page, the latest news related to the COVID-19 epidemic (Measures, initiatives and press articles)

In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, BioWin, the Health Cluster of Wallonia, is concerned about the health of its ecosystem and the impact of this crisis on Life Science companies and organizations, both at regional and federal level.

In order to provide its members and contributors with the best possible information, the cluster will collect the most relevant information (measures, initiatives and press articles) on a daily basis and will share it below. This page will therefore be regularly updated. Stay tuned!

(Regional and federal)

• Walloon and federal measures for companies (article only available in french)

• Additional support measures: corporate income tax, legal entity tax, non-resident tax, personal income tax, VAT and withholding tax on earned income (article only available in french, dutch and german)

• The Bureau for Standardisation is digitally accessible to answer all your questions about standards


Health initiatives and platforms are flourishing to answer unmet medical needs and shortage. You can find here the most relevant ones:

• BioWin's interactive platform for centralization of health initiatives related to COVID-19

• Initiative of the UWE (Union Wallonne des Entreprises)

• Platform created by WeLL and MecaTech, as part of MedTech Wallonia, to support the fight against the COVID-19 crisis

• Free opening of the 150SoH platform by the Patient Numérique and OZ Consulting to list a maximum of digital solutions and fight against the crisis



• Authorisation scheme for the export of medical equipment from the EU

• European standards for medical supplies made freely available to facilitate increase of production

• Follow the work of the EIT Health community in response to COVID-19 and connect with innovators throughout Europe to find and share resources

• European Science-Media Hub selection: reliable sources of information about Coronavirus

• Covid-19 Industrial Clusters Response Portal


Click here to read all information from the FAMHP

Follow the news of our ecosystem during the COVID-19 epidemic


• 26/03/20 - Coronavirus: l’ordre de priorité pour tester les Belges dévoilé. Le Soir

• 26/03/20 - Ingénieurs, médecins, chercheurs et industriels belges conçoivent en dix jours un respirateur. La Libre

• 26/03/20 - Un prototype de respirateur simplifié testé avec succès à l'UCLouvain. L'Echo

• 26/03/20 -  Bientôt 10.000 tests de dépistage Covid-19 par jour en Belgique. L'Echo - RTBF

• 26/03/20 - Coronavirus: 100.000 masques FFP2 arrivés en Belgique cette nuit. Le Soir

• 25/03/20 - Une application belge pour améliorer le tri des patients (Andaman7). L'Echo

• 25/03/20 - La Wallonie veut produire des masques sur son territoire. Le Soir - L'Echo - Le Vif - RTBF

• 25/03/20 - Coronavirus : un test belge en 15 minutes reçoit la certification (Coris BioConcept). RTBF

• 24/03/20 - Delphi Genetics veut bloquer la progression du coronavirus dans le corps. Le Soir

• 24/03/20 - Une société bio-tech liégeoise propose un test de dépistage rapide du Covid-19 (ZenTech). RTBF

• 23/03/20 - Le Liégeois Kaneka Eurogentec prêt à aider pour 5 millions de tests - L'Echo

• 20/03/20 - Des PME wallonnes se mobilisent pour produire des appareils respiratoires. L'Echo

• 19/03/20 - Andaman7 et DNAlytics s’attaquent au coronavirus. Régional-IT

• 19/03/20 - Coronavirus explained & What you need to do. YouTube

• 19/03/20 - Une biotech wallonne dans la course au vaccin contre le coronavirus. Le Soir

• 19/03/20 - Univercells lance le CDMO Exothera avec des capacités GMP sur son site de 15 000 m² à Jumet (Belgique). Univercells' Newsroom

• 19/03/20 - Emmanuel Hanon (GSK Vaccines): "Il faudra construire une capacité de production de vaccins gigantesque". L'Echo

• 18/03/20 - La Wallonie prend de nouvelles mesures et débloque 350 millions d'euros d'aides. - RTBF

• 18/03/20 - Le kit de survie des entreprises face au coronavirus. - L'Echo