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Three new projects certified in July 2018 have just been added to the BioWin cluster's project portfolio.

The portfolio is now counting 47 projetcs

BENEFIT (Biostatistical Estimation of Net Effects for Individualization of Therapy) is joining the "data science" topic. Coordinated by IDDI, the project is aiming to develop a new statistical method (Generalised Pairwise Comparisons) and to create software for designing and analysing clinical trials using this innovative approach which will be of interest to all stakeholders, including patients. To successfully complete this 30-month project with a budget of €1.8 million, IDDI is collaborating with four other partners: Brystol-Myers Squibb, UCL (Institute of biostatistics and actuarial sciences), EORTC and the University Hospital of Lyon.

CQIntégré is run by Trasis and comes under the topic radiation applied to health. In partnership with Taipro and two academic laboratories of the ULB (nuclear medicine service, TEP unit) and the UCL (ELEN Department), the consortium aims to develop an integrated and compact system dedicated to quality control (QC) of radioactive pharmaceutical products used in nuclear medicine procedures. The budget allocated for this 36 month project is €2.7 million. It is planned to start in mid-September 2018.

eLISA. For the past ten years, researchers and doctors have considered sleep as a major public health issue. In particular, sleep apnea syndrome is frequently cited. At each interruption of breathing, your heart and your brain are under stress. Night after night your sleep is disturbed, your quality of life is altered. Respiratory sleep disorders are associated with an increased risk of high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes. More common in men, the disease affects 12% of the adult population and risk factors include age and obesity. Unfortunately, current solutions are often uncomfortable, invasive or expensive.
The eLISA project aims to develop a treatment device that is light, connected and accessible to all. eLISA is a 4-year project, benefiting from the financial support of the Walloon Region as part of a research and development project of BioWin Health, for a total budget of 3.2 million euros.  Neoma Labs is the coordinator of the project, and the other three partners are Quimesis, the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) and the University of Namur (The naXys Institute).

Three new projects certified in July 2018 have just been added to the BioWin cluster's project portfolio.