Our mission: to develop a portable eye-tracking laboratory that will help practitioners to diagnose neurodegenerative diseases and do rehabilitation follow-up.


Axinesis is a spin-off from the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL, Belgium), which carries a clear mission: to improve the functional recovery of patients through innovative and accessible technologies dedicated to the rehabilitation of the upper limbs of patients suffering from stroke or children with cerebral palsy.


Oncomfort is the inventor and leader in Digital Sedation™, a completely new method for relieving patients’ pain and anxiety before, during and after medical procedures.

MAGIA2Market Kick-Off Meeting

The Kick-Off Meeting of the European Medtech Alliance dedicated to support SME Internationalisation was held on September 8-9th, 2020.


Auxin Surgery

The CADISS® System is a novel line of medical devices for the selective dissection of pathological tissues and fibrosis. The system is able to facilitate many surgical procedures while preserving critical organs such as nerves, muscles or veins.


Development of improved and innovative inhaled therapies through combining Innovative Drug Formulation Technology with Innovative Pulmonary Delivery Device Technology
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