ATB Therapeutics

ATB Therapeutics has engineered a proprietary technology to manufacture a unique kind of immunotherapeutic designed to combine very high efficacy with unprecedent safety profile.
ATB Therapeutics was funded in 2017 and aims to generate a pipeline of assets for hard-to-treat hematological and solid cancers. The company is now entering preclinical stage.

Korvis Europe

Korvis designs and manufactures, in volume, complex machinery and instruments. We provide our customers with tested product, ready to ship to the end user. Our manufacturing services include value engineering and cost cutting manufacturing techniques. Korvis' unique blend of product design and contract manufacturing lowers the overall product cost to its customers.

Comunicare Solutions

A spin-off from the University of Liège, Comunicare develops a digital therapeutic support solution. A mobile app is prescribed by the doctor and allows patients to stay informed and better follow their treatment day by day, outside the hospital. A platform makes it possible to collect data in order to help improve the quality of care.

HealthCare Consulting (HCC)

Are you wishing to develop and launch innovative medical products?
HealthCare Consulting (HCC)'s mission is to set you up for successful Market Access and Commercialisation in France and the Benelux region! 

HCC offers a highly personalised approach and provides solutions across all aspects of market access. 


Actavia is a game changer in consultancy. All its members are former C-Levels operating in various industries with a key expertise in healthcare, innovation and digital transformation. Based since 8 to 15 years in Asia, they have developed an ecosystem in the region that makes them the perfect partner for your one stop entry point in Asia.


OncoRadiomics develops products and services with the unique advantage of providing higher quality care for cancer patients while minimizing total treatment cost at the same time.

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