Karott est une agence de communication spécialisée en #Santé et #Nutrition. Notre mission est d’inspirer le monde en aidant les entreprises à développer et diffuser des informations précises et rafraîchissantes pour encourager les professionnels, les consommateurs et les patients à poser des choix avertis, sains et agréables.

Korvis Europe

Korvis designs and manufactures, in volume, complex machinery and instruments. We provide our customers with tested product, ready to ship to the end user. Our manufacturing services include value engineering and cost cutting manufacturing techniques. Korvis' unique blend of product design and contract manufacturing lowers the overall product cost to its customers.

Probare AB

ProbarE AB conduct clinical trials for drugs that are under development.

We have extensive experience within several medical specialities and a solid track record in conducting clinical trials successfully.

We have had nineteen audits – where sponsors / pharmaceutical companies carefully monitor and control the current and completed studies. We have also had two inspections from the MPA.

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